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Changelog of Toggl Button

1.10.6 May 18th 2018

  • Add keyboard support for project autocomplete
  • Add support for Teamwork Desk
  • Add support for Kanboard
  • Add support for HEFLO
  • Add Microsoft Todo integration
  • Fix Targetprocess integration
  • Fix CapsuleCRM integration
  • Fix project autoselect on Todoist
  • Fix user-agent request header

1.10.5 April 26th 2018

  • Fix Asana integration again
  • Fix Jira integration again

1.10.4 April 2nd 2018

  • Fix Asana board view integration
  • Fix calculation bugs for the time tracked today/this week
  • Fix sync issue with entry being deleted
  • Add Microsoft Planner Integration
  • Add VersionOne Integration
  • Contrast improvement on the time entry edit form
  • Include Visual Studio's work item id in the time entry description

1.10.3 March 13th 2018

  • Add ManageEngine support
  • Fix Asana project autoselect
  • Fix button not appearing on Jira board modal
  • Small visual fixes for Firefox

1.10.2 February 20th 2018

  • Minor refactoring to comply with Mozilla Add-ons policy

1.10.1 February 19th 2018

  • Fix bug breaking extension when calculating day/week totals

1.10.0 February 15th 2018

  • Add button to JIRA sprint modal
  • Restore old JIRA integration
  • Add day/week total duration text to popup
  • Improve settings dialog layout
  • Fix bug starting timer as 12:00:00 am

1.9.0 January 9th 2018

  • Added support for
  • Fixed button not appearing in Basecamp 3
  • Fixed button not appearing in new Google Calendar UI
  • Fixed button not appearing in Habitica
  • Fixed button not appearing in Remember the Milk
  • Fixed button not appearing in JIRA Boards
  • Fixed misplaced button in Gitlab

1.8.0 November 14th 2017

  • Possibly fixed button in older gitlab versions
  • Added support for ClickUp
  • Added support for Protonmail
  • Added support for Airtable
  • Added support for Onshape
  • Fixed button not appearing in Teamweek
  • In Youtrack now uses the task id on the agile board as well
  • Fixed auto-assigning project in Gitlab if using nested projects

1.7.0 September 19th 2017

  • Added support for Pagerduty
  • Added support for Rollbar
  • Fix button not appearing in Visual Studio Online
  • Fix button not appearing in Zube
  • Fix button not appearing in Gitlab again

1.6.0 September 14th 2017

  • Fixed interval leak in the extension popup
  • Added support for RallyDev
  • Added support for Spidergap
  • Fix button not appearing in Gitlab

1.5.0 August 22nd 2017

  • Added keyboard command to start/stop the timer
  • Added duration field to extension popup edit view
  • Added support for Codebase
  • Fixed button in toodledo
  • Fixed some button issues in Asana

1.4.0 July 28th 2017

  • Added signup button to login screen
  • Fixed global default project not being applied
  • Added support for osTicket
  • Added support for DokuWiki

1.3.0 July 11th 2017

  • Fixed button placement in Feedly
  • Fixed Youtrack on custom domains
  • Added tasks & goals support to Google Calendar
  • Fixed button in Backlog
  • Added option to remember last selected project per service/URL

1.2.0 June 8th 2017

  • Fixed button in Toodledo
  • Fixed button in OpenProject 7.0
  • Fixed button in Youtrack
  • Improved dropdown size calculations
  • Added support for Khan Academy
  • Added support for Husky Marketing Planner
  • Added support for Nozbe

1.1.6 May 16th 2017

  • Fixed issue where the extension would sometimes try to interact with a non-website tab
  • Fixed issue where logging out sometimes broke the button
  • Added support for subprojects in Todoist.
  • Fixed pomodoro progress not updating right after clicking Continue

1.1.5 April 7th 2017

  • Fixed button missing on Remember The Milk
  • Fixed github button disappearing when interacting with the sidebar
  • Added namespace to CSS classes to avoid conflicts
  • Fixed getting the correct project name from Bitbucket
  • Added whitespace trimming from pull request description in Bitbucket
  • Added ProcessWire integration
  • Fixed dropdown height calculations when near the bottom edge of the window

1.1.4 March 11th 2017

  • Fixed domain matching problem that broke the button in various services

1.1.3 March 10th 2017

  • Fixed Salesforce on custom domains
  • Fixed Button showing in Salesforce & Salesforce Lightning
  • Fixed Button showing ando other issues in Asana
  • Fixed Button showing in
  • Fixed Button showing in Remember The Milk

1.1.2 February 21st 2017

  • Added support for
  • Tags are now filtered by the active workspace
  • Fixed issues with the button not appearing in Github

1.1.1 February 2nd 2017

  • Added support for Intercom
  • Moved button in github to sidebar
  • Fixed issues with the button not appearing in Trello

1.1.0 December 28th 2016

  • Added support for Feedly
  • Added support for Teamleader
  • Added support for Asana Boards
  • Updated Workfront integration
  • Fixed Remember the Milk integration
  • Fixed permissions list loading issues
  • Added custom domain settings for Firefox
  • Changed logout link to icon
  • Fixed 'Toggl Button slowing down Trello' issue
  • Fixed custom domain delete issue
  • Avoid edit popup being larger than page height

1.0.18 December 2nd 2016

  • Fixed billable flag loading and saving issues
  • Fixed MeisterTask start timer issues
  • Fixed permission list loading issues
  • Added more error logging
  • Disable start timer link functionality when not logged in

1.0.16 November 22nd 2016

  • Fixes for new Asana UI
  • Show list of 5 latest unique time entries
  • Fixed Start timer link placement in Targetprocess table view
  • Added support for
  • Fixed workspace restriction issues when changing project
  • Fixed no start time saved issue

1.0.15 November 16th 2016

  • Added support for
  • Text trim fixed for Bitbucket, Freshdesk and Remember The Milk
  • Added more place to show start timer link in
  • Fixed Settings permissions tab empty issue
  • Updated time entry requests to API v9

1.0.13 October 31st 2016

  • Fixed github integration
  • Added table view support to TargetProcess
  • Updated Salesforce integration
  • Fixed redmine dom object check

1.0.12 October 26th 2016

  • Fixed billable updating issue
  • Fixed undefined param issues in content scripts
  • Updated instructions text

1.0.11 October 20th 2016

  • Dynamic content generation security and performance improvements
  • Safer analytics gathering
  • Updated Bugsnag to v3
  • Removed executable json file

1.0.10 October 17th 2016

  • Added support for
  • Style fixes for autocomplete
  • Improvements for permission enable/disable

1.0.8 October 3rd 2016

  • Added support for MeisterTask
  • Added support for Taiga 3.0
  • Fixed edit form issues in Trello
  • Fixed resetting edit form autocompletes on close
  • Fixed edit form tabbing
  • Added keyboard support for form submit
  • Smaller style fixes

1.0.7 September 21st 2016

  • Added support for OnlyOffice
  • Fixed Pomodoro loading issues with data outside Toggl Button
  • Fixed Pomodoro notification not triggering
  • Added Billable and tag icon to popup timer
  • Added Billable flag editing
  • Fixed slow Settings loading with large amount of projects
  • Show tool name instead of url in custom domain list

1.0.6 September 9th 2016

  • Fixed same name client issue with multiple workspaces
  • Improvements to disabling all permissions

1.0.5 September 8th 2016

  • Fixes for permission issues
  • Fixed long tag name issue
  • Fixed default project select issue
  • Fixed custom domain remove issue

1.0.4 September 5th 2016

  • Fixes and updates for Youtrack
  • Fixed agenocrm and minicrm issues
  • Added Toggl Button to gitlab merge request
  • Improved permissions handling
  • Fixed issues with pomodoro update and sync
  • Fixed long project name hiding tasks
  • Fixed github private projects name matching
  • Added support for Workfront (attask)
  • Fixed default project setting billable

1.0.3 July 21st 2016

  • Fixed Google Inbox integration
  • Autocomplete style fixes
  • Fixed Google Docs multiple load issue
  • Fixed submitting popup with Enter

1.0.2 July 18th 2016

  • Fixed Default project assignement issues
  • Added project select with autocomplete
  • Added project color bullet to project select
  • Moved task select to project select dropdown
  • Added autocomplete to Tag selection
  • Added possibility to add new tags from edit view
  • Popup view design update to minimalistic icon based layout
  • Updated github integration
  • Updated integration
  • Updated Visual Studio on line integration
  • Added Sherpadesk integration
  • Added (Phacility) integration
  • Added tasklist item support for Google Keep
  • Added support for new Teamwork Projects UI

1.0.1 June 10th 2016

  • Added support for Bitrix24
  • Added support for Rindle
  • Added support for TickTick
  • Added Eventum to custom domains select
  • Added filter field to the top of Settings permissions list
  • Added Pomodoro progress meter to extension icon
  • Fixed Assembla, Habitica, Youtrack and Visual Studio Online integrations
  • Fixed multiple timer links issue in Bitbucket pull request page
  • Fixed Toggl Button Pomodoro stopping entries created elsewhere

1.0.0 May 26th 2016

  • Implemented new permissions system
  • Added possibility to enable/disable integrations from Settings
  • Added possibility to define custom domains in Settings
  • Fixed Remember the milk search issue
  • Fixed Slack integration

0.9.2 May 4th 2016

  • Updated integrations: Google Calendar, GMail, Google Drive, Evernote, Basecamp 3, Salesforce, Gitlab, Liquid Planner
  • Added support for Salesforce Lightning
  • Improved settings design
  • Added smooth timer update for popup timer
  • Fixed running timer check for 'Start timer' link
  • Added support for
  • Updated Asana description fetching
  • Added improved bugtracking
  • Fixed Todoist freezing issues
  • Added volume control for Pomodoro alarm sound
  • Added support for Bugzilla 5

0.9.1 April 11th 2016

  • Added support for Basecamp 3
  • Added support for OpenProject
  • Added support for Zube
  • Added support for AgenoCRM and MiniCRM
  • Changed toggl button to minimal in Remember the milk
  • Fixed Teamwork integration
  • Fixed Capsule CRM integration
  • Added project support to Unfuddle
  • Improved description fetch in Xero
  • Improved Wokrsection selectors
  • Updated SifterApp integration
  • Improved link updating for pages with multiple links
  • Added more error logging to detect integration errors
  • Added classic UI support to MantisHub
  • Redesigned login view
  • Fixed 'Forgot password' link
  • Show latest entry name when hovering 'Continue latest' button in dropdown
  • Show latest entry name with pomodoro notification 'Continue latest' button
  • Added setting 'start latest entry automatically on browser start' setting
  • Added setting 'stop running entry automatically on browser quit'
  • Added setting 'Stop time at workday end'
  • Added setting 'Stop entry on pomodoro time end'
  • Added pomodoro support for entries started outside Toggl Button
  • Improved Pomodoro timer calculations
  • Fixed settings view issues and added animation
  • Fixed Trello integration

0.9.0 March 22nd 2016

0.8.3 February 25th 2016

  • Fixed url matching
  • Smaller fixes

0.8.2 February 23rd 2016

  • Fixed escaping issues when saving tag
  • Added Toggl Button install detection to

0.8.1 February 11th 2016

  • Fixed card coping issue in Trello
  • Updated extension name and description
  • Default tracking reminder time is 60 minutes
  • Improved user data fetching

0.8.0 January 14th 2016

  • Fixed Pomodoro timer sound issues
  • Updated Trello start time link to match Trello styles
  • Added 'Total time tracked' to Trello cards, < a href = '' > See screenshot of updated Trello card < /a>

0.7.9 January 5th 2016

  • Fixed Todoist description fetch
  • Better error catching and error messages

0.7.8 January 4th 2016

  • Improved settings managment
  • Show 'Continue latest' option in Tracking reminder
  • Fixed updating extension icon when logging out
  • Added tabs to settings view
  • Unified input fields design in settings
  • Added animation to subsettings open/close
  • Show error message when time entry start fails
  • Fixed Toggl Button rendering in updated gitlab design
  • Added support for BitBucket pull requests
  • Fixes for Assembla updates
  • Improved Todoist description text fetching
  • Fixed edit form clear issue in dropdown
  • Fixed browser autocomplete issue in dropdown

0.7.7 December 2nd 2015

  • Fixed continuing latest entry with task from Pomodoro notification
  • Added failsafe for starting websocket
  • Show project color dot in dropdown edit view
  • Added tooltips to toggl logo and email in dropdown
  • Clicking the email address opens profile view in web
  • Focus description when opening edit view in dropdown

0.7.6 November 25th 2015

  • Fixed Settings saving and loading
  • Fixed extension icon updates
  • When hovering setting show additional info
  • Added 'Continue latest entry' button to Pomodoro timer notification

0.7.5 November 18th 2015

  • Added idle detection notification
  • Show description in dropdown timer
  • Show project name in timer and in timer tooltip
  • Show project color bullet in timer

0.7.4 November 3rd 2015

  • Use the new way to open Options
  • Added forgot password link to login view
  • Added Pomodoro Setting
  • Added support for Draftin
  • Added support for FogBugz
  • Added Bugsnag bug tracker

0.7.3 October 14th 2015

  • Added Toggl Button to context menu
  • 16px Icon improvements
  • Fixed Wrike integration
  • Improved font consistency in edit view
  • Fixed Asana start button
  • Converted to Settings view to Options V2
  • Added support for Salesforce

0.7.2 October 5th 2015

  • Fixed popup font consistency
  • Fixed subtask project selection for Asana
  • Fixed Youtrack project name fetch
  • Added action buttons to tracking reminder
  • Added Start timer buttons to subtasks
  • Don't show deleted projects in dropdown
  • Added usage statistics gathering
  • Added extension version and change log link to Settings view
  • Fixed task dropdown display in popup

0.7.1 September 9th 2015

  • Focus tags dropdown when it's opened
  • Fixed Wunderlist styles
  • Remove active state from link when clicking on another start link
  • Fixed Toodledo start timer link positioning
  • Fixed tasks selector
  • Fixed hour calculation for durations longer than 24 hours
  • Added new google calendar url
  • X on the icon should never be shown when tracking

0.7.0 August 24th 2015

  • Added Edit form to extension popup
  • Added support for
  • Added support for Assembla
  • Fixed Basecamp 'Start timer' link issues
  • Fixed Any.Do description issue
  • Fixed Google Drive 'Start timer' link

0.6.11 August 11th 2015

  • HabitRPG domain name change to Habitica
  • Enabled extension options page menu item

0.6.10 July 15th 2015

  • Fixed Teamweek issues

0.6.9 July 14th 2015

  • Added support for Breeze
  • Added support for BamBam
  • Added support for Wrike
  • Added support for Bugzilla
  • Added support for GQueue
  • Fixed issues with
  • Fixed issues with Teamweek
  • Show running entry description in running popup item tooltip
  • Fixed project name issue in github
  • Added Worksection .net and .eu domains

0.6.8 May 27th 2015

  • Fixed Google Calendar description undefined issue
  • Added support for http and https urls

0.6.7 May 22nd 2015

  • Fixed multi workspace issue in project dropdown
  • Added 'Save Tags' placeholder
  • Improved Login form styles
  • Improved popup menu syncing

0.6.6 May 18th 2015

  • Added sorting for tags
  • Added hover titles to project, tag and task selections

0.6.5 May 18th 2015

  • Added support for TestRail
  • Projects grouped by Workspaces and Clients
  • Added 'Start timer' link to Extension icon menu
  • Added running timer to Extension icon menu
  • Added user email to Extension icon menu
  • Wunderlist UI improvements
  • Teamweek domain name fix

0.6.4 March 30th 2015

  • Fixed edit popup position in Basecamp Next

0.6.3 March 26th 2015

  • Fixed setting entry billable if project is billable

0.6.2 March 17th 2015

  • Added support for Flow
  • Added support for Google Calendar
  • Added support for
  • Added support for Basecamp Classis (
  • Improvements for implementation
  • Improvements for Axosoft implementation
  • Don't display reminders when user is not logged in
  • Improved edit popup position calculations
  • Other smaller improvements and fixes

0.6.1 February 18th 2015

  • Fixed issues with non-www login
  • Added support for Help Scout

0.6.0 February 11th 2015

  • Added support for Countersoft Gemini
  • Added support for
  • Added support for
  • Fixed Todoist description parsing for links

0.5.11 February 4th 2015

  • Added to support all JIRA versions

0.5.10 February 4th 2015

  • Added support for Axosoft
  • Updated edit form hide button to use ×
  • Fixed Todoist description parsing

0.5.9 February 2nd 2015

  • Added support for
  • Added support for HabitRPG
  • Fixes for GitLab
  • Todoist description parse fix

0.5.8 January 21st 2015

  • Fixed updating Toggl Button link
  • Fixed Toggl Button in Zendesk
  • Fixed Asana new task description issue

0.5.7 January 5th 2015

  • Added support for Google mail

0.5.6 January 2nd 2015

  • Fixed minimal mode Toggl Button link refreshing

0.5.5 December 30th 2014

  • Fixed too bold permissions
  • Removed OTRS because of too strong permissions

0.5.4 December 29th 2014

  • Grouping projects by workspaces
  • Show client names in project dropdown
  • Show only active projects in dropdown
  • Added tasks dropdown for Pro users
  • Added support for OTRS

0.5.3 December 16th 2014

  • Fixed Todoist description parsing issue

0.5.2 December 15th 2014

  • Removed references to deprecated api
  • Clear selected tags when reopening edit form
  • Update 'Start timer' link when running entry has changed
  • Reworked user sync so that tabs permission can be removed

0.5.1 December 4th 2014

  • Added support for Teamwork
  • Style fixes

0.5.0 December 1st 2014

  • Updated Toggl button position in toodledo
  • Extension icon updating fix
  • UI fixes for different tools

0.4.9 November 26th 2014

  • Fixed invisible project names in dropdown
  • Fixed some minor UI issues

0.4.8 November 25th 2014

  • Fixed minor UI issues
  • Removed Font Awesome because issues with some tools

0.4.7 November 24th 2014

  • Added Font Awesome icons

0.4.6 November 21st 2014

  • New design for post start popup
  • Fixed Toggl Button in
  • Added Youtrack 6 support
  • Fixed settings save issue
  • Added duration mode support

0.4.5 October 27th 2014

  • Added dayly automatic sync
  • Added sync menu item

0.4.4 October 20th 2014

  • Added support for Toodledo
  • Fixed toggl-button's location for Teamweek's new design
  • Post start popup is always fully visible
  • Post start popup form style fixes

0.4.3 October 10th 2014

  • Added 'Remind me to track' setting
  • Added tags selection to post start popup

0.4.2 September 19th 2014

  • Added support for Wunderlist
  • Added support for Trac
  • Added websocket support
  • Improved icons
  • Added Settings view
  • Position and z-index fix for post start popup

0.4.1 September 5th 2014

  • Fixed packaging issue

0.4.0 September 4th 2014

  • Convert from Page extension to Browser extension
  • Added post Start popup
  • Added Browser extension popup
  • Added Login and logout functionality
  • Added high resolution icons
  • Added offline/online and running/not running indicators to extension icon

0.3.9 August 7th 2014

  • Github - fix content script for new issues layout
  • Todoist - add button after the notes and strip tags

0.3.8 July 29th 2014

  • Added support for Todoist
  • Fixed button in new Github issues page

0.3.7 July 29th 2014

  • Added support for Any.Do
  • Added support for ZenDesk
  • Time entry is marked as billable if the project is billable

0.3.6 July 28th 2014

  • API requests refactoring
  • Save logged in user to extension localStorage
  • Resolve the 999.00 hours problem with incorrect date and/or time

0.3.5 July 3rd 2014

  • Fix regexp to support push state

0.3.4 June 17th 2014

  • fetchUser API urls corrected
  • Podio content script refactoring

0.3.3 June 11th 2014

  • Added support for CapsuleCRM
  • Added support for YouTrack InCloud
  • Added support for Xero accountancy software
  • Fixed toggl-button's location for Teamweek's new design